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Cold Feet & Hands

If you experience cold feet, your body may be warning you of something more serious than you expect. It is true that cold feet can be normal when the temperature is cold. On the other hand, feet that feel cold but are warm to the touch could be an indication of an issue that requires more serious attention. Don’t talk yourself out of taking it seriously. Cold feet, tingling limbs or other unusual symptoms need to be discussed with your doctor.  Doctors need to know about invisible symptoms in addition to anything visible on the surface.

Our team is trained to help you determine the root cause of cold feet, with treatments like neuropathy to get you feeling better.

Many doctors overlook neuropathy when diagnosing a patient with chronic pain. Just as many patients assume that certain symptoms are all in their heads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I experiencing sensations of cold in my limbs?

Fingers that feel like they are carved from solid ice are usually linked to nerve damage in the hands or arms. Cold feet may occur when pressure on the sciatic nerve is created from spinal issues or bone spurs. Circulation issues can also cause coldness, but these problems usually cause the affected limbs to feel slightly cooler than the rest of the body. If your limbs feel warm and normal to the touch, the issue is more likely linked to a nerve problem like neuropathy.

What causes numbness in the back, joints, or other parts of the body?

Since these sections of the body are all located on the trunk, it’s unlikely that circulation is making your lower back or shoulder feel cold. These issues are nearly always related to nerves, especially if they are accompanied by muscle cramps or pain.

How can I find out why my feet feel cold?

There are numerous tests to find the cause of unusual sensations. Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center can help you with:

  • Diagnostics to determine if the cause is coming from the spine, nerves or if the peripheral nerves are compressed or damaged
  • Referrals for Nerve Conduction Tests and EMG’s and other tests for more information on your overall health
  • Early treatments to test your response to non-invasive care

Early treatments often resolve the numbness, cold sensations and other symptoms of neuropathy before they can progress to a disabling level.

What causes a cold sensation flare?

If your sensations seem to come and go throughout the day, it can be tricky to pinpoint a trigger that causes a flare-up. People with food allergies or exposure to toxins may find that they only experience the effects after contact with a specific allergen or toxin. Chronic neuropathy can make this sensation fade and return over the long term. This is quite frustrating for people trying to keep their daily routine from being interrupted by pain and discomfort.

What treatment options are available for people with these sensations?

There is hope! Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center Practice has developed a revolutionary Neuropathy Treatment Center to help eliminate signs and symptoms of neuropathy.  The most comprehensive neuropathy treatment in healthcare is being utilized right here at Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center! State of the art Infrared Laser Therapy is the most advanced medical procedure currently available for neuropathy.  With Infrared Laser Therapy and specialized nerve treatments, inflammation is reduced around the nerves while restoring blood flow to the damaged nerves allowing for normal sensation to return to the hands and feet.  Patients are experiencing relief of symptoms that they never thought would be possible.


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